Norvegian Woods

Today I have a fantasy winter styling for you with great designers. First I want to introduce you Floralie Dress from *LPD* a maxi dress  with lovely details on textures on chest part and skirt, I'm using Horns from 22769 which is giving a fantasy touch to the dress.
Another thing i want to mention is Kyxe's wonderfull make-ups I'm using their Vixen Lipstick ad amazing eyeshadows.

Styling Credits:
Hair: LaViere - Amanda
Horns: 22769 ~ [accessories] Ram Horns Copper / White Pearls (@L'accessories)
Dress: *Lpd*-  Florie  
Belt: *Lpd*- Amelia Dress Part
Fur: Ryvolter : Mink Princess Stole
Make up: Kyxe - Vixen Eyeshadows and Lipstick
Decoration: 22769 ~ Christmas Decoration Lamps
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Casual and Rich

You know some casual occasions that you need to be extremely chic and classy. Nadia Jump Suit of Vero Modero is designed for that moments. Silky touch of the outfit make you seem so classy with lace details on the V neck cut. Golden belt of the dress placing a simple jump suit to another level.
As an accompany I'm using Wonka clutch of Belod and Blinds of Air.
 Styling Credits:
Hair: Boon - KBO96
Outfit: Vero Modero - Nadia Jump Suit
Bag: Belod - Wonka Clutch
Blinds: Air- Blinds Black
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2014 Winter

Winter is coming  and it is time to renew our wardrobe, wool, leather and fur in neutral colors  is the essential  materials of 2014 winter fashion.
Today I'm wearing leather short-cut pants from H.O.F and wool pullover from SHI with fur accessorizes on shoulders. Chest piece of Lagyo is suitable every-kind of look later on  i will try it with a gown to see how it looks. Finally I choose this masculine  shoes from Baiastice for my look same color of my pull over and with long socks.
My pants, chest piece and shoes can be find at collabor88 during this month with reasonable prices.

and here there is a winter son g for you;

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After being a little away from sl i feel refreshed and when i came back i felt i had to renew my avatar and changed my skin. This will be my new look till i get bored of it hope you like!
Today I'm wearing beautiful mesh gown Iolanda from Azul a long mermaid cut dress richly textured with lace. With a big shoulder piece of fur makes it look glamours.
Finesmith's Fall in Love Earrings designed exclusively for fall in love event. it looks amazing with silver leaves.
Finially I used h.m.a.e.m hat which is created for Christmas Market.
Have a great week and be glamours!

Style Credits:
Hair: Magika - stubborn
Dress: Azul - Iolanda
Earrings: Finesmith - Fall in Love
Hat: H.m.a.e.m. - Incongruo (Chrtismas Market)
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Ghosts of Chora

Chop Zuey takes us back to middle ages with Consecration set, crosses ornamented with beautiful gems glorifies women's grace. Purple Moon Dietrich Gown -which is Halloween Edition-  in black with very neat cuts and amazing back look very elegant with it's simplicity.
Styling Credits:
Hair: Diva- Miu
Dress: PurpleMoon - Dietrich
Jewelery: Conceration by Chop Zuey 
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Mea Culpa Goes for Pret-a-Porter

We used to know Mea Culpa for Haute Couture for years, talented designer Tatanka decided to go for pret-a-porter and they came out just as great as his high-fashion.
I'm wearing Nashira dress in grey which is richly textured.
I'm using latest releases of Belle Rouselle, Pentacostal set. Finally I'm using latest make-up line of Kyxe Skins completing couture look of night.

Styling Credits:
Dress: Mea Culpa - Nashira in Grey 
Jewelry: Chop Zuey - Pentacostal
Make-Up: Kyxe- Dreamy Night Fern 

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Avenue Fashion week [Zanze]

Styling Credits:
Hair: Laviere - Hope
Headpiece: Finesmith- Blackbride
Dress: Zanze - Heather (Avenue Fashion Week exclusive)

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Avenue Fashion Week F/W'13 [NYU]

Styling Credits:
Hair: Lamb - Bearnice
Coat: NYU - Poncho Cape Trench Coat ( Avenue Fashion Week)
Umbrella: The Sea Hole - Heron
Bag: *Boom* - Studio Tote
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Avenue Fashion Week [Violator]

Styling Credits:
Outfit: Violator - Catch Me ( Avenue Fashion week starts in a couple of days!!!!)
Shoes: Kunglers - Morgana Pumps
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Avenue Fashion Week [Living Imagination]

Bodza was a great photographer when i met first time. Now she became a great designer. It makes me happy to see new and creative designers with great taste. 
Today I'm wearing one of her gowns for Avenue Fashion week. Red gown with deep decolleté and  rich red pattern looks so stylish. The dress highlights with  mermaid skirt with black sating piping.
With this dress I'm using Modern Couture's tiara and cross shaped earrings which is inspired by Dolce & Gabbana who is trying to be iconic this winter, inspired by byzantine iconography. 

Styling Credits:
Hair: Paper couture - Messy Bouffant
Dress: Living Imagination -Sweet Rain ( Avenue Fashion Week )
Jewelery: Modern Couture - Antoinette
Nails: MUA Make Up  - Glitter Nails
Lip Stick: *LPD* - X-mass
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Avenue fashion week Lethal

Hair: Baiastice - Stefani
Jacket and Gloves: Lethal - Celeste ( exclusive  Avenue Fashion Week)
Necklace: Kunglers - Ivatan
Boots: Ison - Cult Riding Boots
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Avenue Fashion Week 1

With the new session one of biggest fashion event in SL is starting.
I will be blogging to show you what waits for you on Avenue Fashion Week W/F.

Today I'm wearing gorgeous [VM] gown of two parts. Off shoulder short top of the dress is textured with romantic laces. Hi-Waist gown skirt is accompany to lace top.

Styling Credits:
Hair: Diva - Layla
Earrings: Chop Zuey - Salutations to Jelly Beans
Gown: Vero Modero - Ava Gown (Avenue Fashion Week 29sept to 5 oct)
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Shine on me

Woman of Azul classy and eye catching! It can't be other way while you are wearing Lara gown. Glitter top on amazing colours and black silky skirt with a short tail Frills and roses on shoulders giving a retro sense to contemporary gown. you will feel all eyes and spots on you just because you are a Azul Woman.

Styling Credits:
Hair: Diva - Layla
Gown: Azul - Lara
Belt: Finesmith - Bali Gown Part
Shoes: Ahn-ji Nora
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Le Petit Muse

Hello Fashion Lovers!
I'm back with a new outfit from *LPD*
Nevery released an amazing set with a top with no sleeves and halter neck and triangle cut. Rich patters of top is the most amazing part of whole outfit. A Hi-waist skirt combines with the top and short cut bustier under the transparent top. 
The Top itself can be used in interesting mix and matches but to be able to show you whole set I did not mix it with other designs. 
Open a place in your wardrobe for an interesting and unique piece! 

Styling Credits:
Hair: Lamb - Zelda
Outfit: *LPD* -*Chica*
Boots: Ison - Cult Riding Boots
Bracelet: Finesmith - Noya Dark
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Sensuelle Show

She walks past you... Her scent captivating... leaving you wondering, who is she, what is she wearing... She stops, turns and smiles... You have just been caught in her web of seduction...

Babylon Models
Featuring the designs of
Kyxe Skin and Shapes
Sensuelle Lingerie and Beachwear
And Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry
Sensual Seduction: When SL and RL Converge...

at Babylon Fashion Temple
Sunday, September 1st at 10am SLT...
Be ready to get seduced...
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Late Summer Days

Styling Credits:
Hair: Baiastice - Emma Hair
Dress: Emery - Gatsby Dress
Necklace: Finesmith - Urban Glam
Shoes: Redgrave - Linda Shoes

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Business Chic

Styling Credits:
Hair: Baiastice - Emma
Outfit: Liv Glam - Trixibelle Dress
Earrings: Finesmith - shameless

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Summer Time

No I haven't turned into a chocolate girl I'm just introducing you an amazing skin designer. Ywein designer of Kyxe skins is a hidden gem! When i make photos of the skin i noticed on the body details of it, best part of it you look gorgeous when you are naked!

Another thing I wan t to introduce you is new swimsuit series of [VM] Vero Modero it will be released this week yet not on the store! later on I will show you some more swim wears of Vero they are juust amaziiiing!

I have to work in RL so this summer I won't enjoy the sea and beach untill early september, just cheering up myself with beach wear fashion in sl... it's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine ... it's summertime! have agreat summer unlike me... 

Styling Credits:
Skin: Kyxe - Julie (Angel Tones)
Hair: Lelutka - Salome
Bikini: Vero Modero - Hawaii Set Blue
Glasses: Goucci 
Bangles: Zaara
Pose: The Muse Poses - Dare

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Rising Sun

Violator one of the most fetish-avant garde designer in SL released Rising Sun Shibari, I'm wearinggold - black Version of it. Black Ropes with golden ornements on it are surronding body. Very fierc e and sexy, do you dare ?

Styling Credit:
Hair : Lelutka Blake
Body Suit: Violator - Rising Sun Shibari
Leg Harness: Shi -Leg harn esses
Shoes: Regrave - Linda
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I'm not used to post about lingeries,
But  for a while you'll see me in sexy ligeries! I've discovered a store named Sensuale with great lingeries that has amazing quality of textures. They are all feminen and sexy! 
I'm waring Shanon today it is a black lace bodice with string back. shows tha body amazing! you even do not need to have curves to look sexy in it!

Another news from me, everybody knows hair fair started! If you are a hair whore like me you know this is the best event of SL Today I'm wearing Baiastice's Stefany hair. Long and straight and with a strong charachter!

So those are the news from me for now! Stay sexy and fierce!

Styling Credits:
Hair: Baiastice - Stefany (@hairfair)
Lingerie: Sensualle - Shan on
Bracelets: Tabloid - Sea Story
Leggings: Shi - Leg Harness
Shoes: Redgrave - Linda
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What the Water Gave Me

Style Credits:
Hair: Bliss - Calypso
Gown: Purplemoon- Aquarelle Gown in Pearl
Pearls: Chop Zuey - Part of Paparazzi Pearl and Diamonds
Poses: The Muse Poses - Rumi
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Hello Ladies,

Today I I have an amazing new gown from Azul to introduce.
Reshma gown created by Mami Jewel, is full of amazing details on belt ruffle's laces and laces around chest and arms. I'm using Joy to the World jewelery created by Belle Roussele.
And finally you see one of my new serie of poses. which is created for elegant gowns.

Styling Credits:
Hair: Bliss - Serene
Gown: Azul - Reshma Onyx
Jewelry: Chop Zuey - Joy to the World
Pose: The Muse Poses - Rumi 04 
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Chop Zuey Group Gift

New Beautiful Group Gift From Chop Zuey, Spangles Bangles and Fireworks outfit!

Styling Credits:
Outfit and Jewelery by Chop Zuey (group Gift)

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Vero Modero Summer Allure

Vero Modero Releasing upcoming collection on 29th with a great show. New collection consist of Classic shapes and fabrics combined with exciting bold prints. 

Today guest model of post Habib wearing Vero Modero Party Set With White Jeans and tiger-zebra printed mesh shirt with golden ornaments. 
Same prints used on [VM] Suki Dress I'm wearing  which is decorated with apollets. 

To see more you are invited Vero Modero Summer Allure show. 

29 June 2013 at 1pm SLT

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in a memory of watermelon fascinator

When I was started to SL my main interest was metaverse art. I worked for a long time with Art India, when my modeling career started I had to leave Art India, so I asked Quan Levander to take my place she was already writing an art blog and pretty much interested in Metaverse Art. Quan realized amazing projects in art india, and her latest project is art in hats. The project bringing the art and fashion into one. Belle Rouselle is one of the designers/artists of the project. Exhibiting her watermelon fascinator, makes us curious about her memory with it :)
Head Piece: Watermelon fascinator by Chop Zuey Avaliable in Art in Hats exhibition
Dress: Tufi Dress by Kunglers
Pose : Eleos by The Muse Poses
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Finesmith Haute

Finesmith just realeased Bali gown serie. the Gown it self is very plain and simple but the main attraction is on the accessories of gown. A belt piece with roses is decorating the gown, as well the neck piece is made of same roses and diamonds. Gems comes with colour change hud. Finesmith Cathing a sophisticated look with simplicity and with small details.

Styling Credits:
Hair: Josephine by Lelutka
Gown: Bali Gown (aqua)  by Finesmith
Belt and Neck Pieces: Finesmith Rose belt and Neck Pieces (peach) comes with Bali Gown
Bracelets: Diamond by Finesmith

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the love is mutual...

Since I was not very active on last month I have many outfits to share with you...

Today I'm wearing PurpleMoon's dress with assymetric skirt and beautiful flower prints. Luisana Dress is an amazing piece to have it on your wardrobe!

I've accesorized my look with Diamond bracelet and necklace from Finesmith. The set comes with colour change script geometric cut gems are decorated with small diamond pieces. I really loved this piece since it can be suited with gowns as well to add an modern touch to a classy look. 

Since you noticed i have a guest model for my blog, My dear Kae is wearing Theo set From Vero Modero which is a classical cut suit but standing out with it's amazing prints. Theo suit is avalaible in other intresting prints as well. Vero Modero bringing new tastes to male fashion! 

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I have been away from SL for a while. During this time I really missed blogging, I hope I can be more active since now. Really amazing outfits are coming out and it is annoying to not to be able to blog them!
Today I have seen this amazing Outfit by *LPD* Lovely spring outfit with two pats. A loose top with sheers looks amazing with it's patterns. A flower skirt is complating the outfit.
Since you all know Arcade just startedand I had time to go shopping there found those lovely flovers. Heh I think I'm missing a silent day in countryside.
Have a great Weekend!

Styling Credits:
Outfit: *LPD* Amanda
Hair Piece: Lagyo - Lana Flower Crown
Flowers: Adorkable Poses (Arcade item)
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Aftyer a while i had time to blog, I'm so happy about it.
Today I want to introduce you Camera outfit of Liv-Glam and Sherry by Loq hair.

Styling Credits:
Hair: LOQ - Sherry
Outfit: Liv-Glam - Camera outfit.
Bag: Secret Store - Tiny Satchel Mint
Jewelery: Glow - Boom Set
Pose:The Muse Poses - Tyche

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Today I really workedon this 2 photos but both of designs that I want to introduce you deserves that much work.
*LPD* created this lovely 'Queen' gown for AV Fashion Week. Partly mesh gown consist of a big skirt with many layers and glitter details on the edge cuts. An under breast corset covering your waist with one strap top under it.
Another piece I want to introduce you is Saint jewelery of Finesmith. Saint broche giving the sense of two angel wings on both of your shoulders.

Styling Credits:
Hair: Lelutka Pocahontas
Dress: *LPD* Queen (for now avaliable at AV Fashion week)
Jewelery: Finesmith - Saint

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All About Oscar

Vero Modero created amazing gown inspired and named after Oscar de la Renta. We've been seeing stripes for a while now on designer runways and in stores, and they're back for spring and summer 2013. Black and white striped runway gown with horizontal stripes on the bodice and chevron stripes on the floor-length skirt looks very fashionable. I bet is going to be one of your favorite piece of your wardrobe this spring!
I've combined it with Kotar set of Finesmith which is designed with black pearls. 

Styling Credits:
Hair: Boon
Gown: Vero Modero - Oscar Gown (new)
Jewelery: Finesmith - Kotar
Eyeshadows: Mons - Spray
Lipstick: Glam Affair - Leah Lipstick 02
Eyeliner: Glam Affair - Couture eyeliner
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Summer will come

Weather started getting warmer and we are saying goof bye to thick and heavy clothes. It is time of spring my favorite season of fashion! Nyu created a light coat for spring. Avaliable in many colours. The item is exclusive for fameshed.
Another design that I want to introduce is bag from BSD design studio, interior designer bag. Also, photorapher, fashion designer, banker versions are avaliable.

Styling Credits: 
Hair: Laviere - Aki
Coat: Nyu - Summer Coat (@fameshed)
Bag: BDS - Charachter Bag interior designer 
Shoes: Kunglers - Phyton Pumps
Neckercchief - Drift - satin necker chief

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Hollywood Diary of Audrey (1)

It is time for events, short time after FFL, Hollywood event started with great design of talented designers.
Today I've prepared a post of Tres Beau and Chop Zuey,

Styling Credits:
Hair: Boon
Jewelery by Chop Zuey, papparazi Set (@ Hollywood event)
Dress by Tres Beau, Starlet (@ hollywood event)

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Today I have inspired after the name of new skin line of Evian to make this styling. Aphrodithe skin of Deities Collection of Evian Skins. Created for all the women who are in touch with their inner goddess and secure in their sexuality.
I feel very comfortable in it, the skin fit my shape very well. looks totally unique with details in the eyebrows. I'm wearing Xlight tone which is the lightest. Fatpack comes with tones of beautiful make-up hair bases, eyes and clavages of course. As a skin addict, there is nothing makes me more happy then unique skins!

Maziar, jewelery of talented Yula Finesmith giving the sense of ancient beauty inspirations. Maziar set consist of  2 bracelets, a whole neckle with 3 parts, amaaaaaazing amaziing tiarra, earrings (which is not on me) and ring.

Another Piece that I choose today is from my lovely friends Zzoozie designer of Zenshi, Zzzozie created this beautiful mesh dress with sheer- laced skirt for her Spring Colection which will be presented in Avenue Spring Fashion week.

Styling Credits:
Hair: Boon
Skin: Evian - Aphrodithe
Dress: Zanze - Lacia (snow)
Jewelery: Finesmith - Maziar

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a casual spring

Would it be spring without some floral fashion in the mix? Usually florals make an appearance for spring and summer on fashion runways, and spring 2013 is no exception. This spring's florals have been designed in fresh new ways, and they always seem appropriate to the spring season. Today I'm wearing Liv-Glam's amazing maxi dresswith halter top. This is a piece that you wouldn't like to miss!

Styling Credits:
Hair: Lelutka - Pocahontas
Dress: Liv-Glam - Jardin Beach Maxi Dress
Clutch: Handverk - Feather clutch 
Cracelets: Handverk - Leather loop bracelets.

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Tribute to John Galliano by Azul

Mami Jewel created this amazing gown named Revolt to tribute to Galliano.
Black of the dress is just a pre-release which is giving a spoiler of up coming collection of Azul. 

Another discover of week is Ahn-Ji Shoes by Frahn Jinx. You'll be amazed of good quality of his designs.I'll be showing more of his designs on upcoming days. 

Styling Credits:
Hair: Boon
Dress: Azul , Revolt
Shoes: Ahn-Ji - May

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Spring Midday Fairy Tale

After keep running for FFL, I'm a little bit relaxed untill up coming events. So it is time to check what is happening in the stores of most talented designers of SL.
Starting From *LPD* lovely Nevery created this amazing Barbara dress with amazing colours. It is partial mesh and veils are sculpted. This lovely dress will make you feel like you are a heroine in a fairy tale.

Another new release is coming from Finesmith, Kotar Set is released in different colours, I've chosen organical colour for this spring look. The set is coming in earrings, 2 bracelets and necklace.

As final touch I'm wearing Angel Hair shoes of BSD design. This platform shoes will make you hit of the party!

Styling Credits:
Hair: Epoque - Stabilizer
Dress: *LPD* Barbara Dress
Jewelery: Finesmith- Kotar
Shoes: BSD - Angel Hair / gold (@L'accesories)

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FFL Diary of Audrey 5

Today is last day of FFL, if you haven't finished your shopping hurry up!

My dear friend Kim released lovely mini sequin dresses It is avaliable  in many colour I did not photograph the back of dress but it is very different and sexy!
I'm wearing Bliensen's pumps which is exclusive for FFL.

Stylig Credits:
Hair: Miss C - Miss and Mr C
Dress: Kim - Sequin Mesh Love Dress
Fur and Pearls: Coco
Gloves: Belgravia - Alice
Pumps: Bliensen (@FFL)

For FFL land marks click here.

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FFL Diary of Audrey (04)

While FFL 2013 continious, I want to share you an amazing dress from Liv-glam incase you don't have it in your inventory already!
I'm wearing Believe Dress, with golden leaves texture giving the sense of New-Baroque trend of the year.I'm wearing Eclectic Shoes which is also exclusive FFL item from BSD Design Studio. 

Styling Credits:
Hair: Boon
Dress: Liv-glam - Believe (FFL exclusive)
Shoes: BSD Design Studio - Eclectic DarkChocolate (at FFL)
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands
Head Piece: Lag-yo Peonies
Gloss: Fish Strawberry - kokeshi (rose)
Blush: Baiastice - Natural Blushes (Rose)
Liner: Glam Affair-Couture liner. 

(For FFL landmarks please check this post)

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Muse - MVP Formal 1

Styling Credits:
Dress: LWL Viola Ivory (top), Viola Black (bottom)
Jewelery: Chop Zuey - Night Mystery
Hair: Boon
Eyeliners: Glam Affair - Couture eyeliner
hands: Slink - mesh hands
Lip Gloss: Fishy Strawberry - Lip gloss
Blush: Baiastice
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FFL Diary of Audrey (03)

FFL opened it's doors to the fashion addicts, after a long wait it is time to discover amazing outfits, jeweleries, hairs and accessories of the greatest designers. 
Today I want to show you amazing dress of *LPD*, Cloud Steam.
With fluffy princess skirt and corset under chest it is very cute! I've comined the dress with the jewelery of Lazuri which is created for FFL. 

Styling Credits:
Skin: Modish (@FFL)
Hair: Lelutka 
Dress: *LPD* - Cloud Stream (@FFL)
Jewelery: Lazuri - princess of Forest (@FFL)
Antlers: Etermum - Mermaid (@arcade)

*FFL Designer's LMS:

Colossus of Rhodes:
Bare Rose
Feather (=Feather=)
House of RFyre
Legal Insanity
MoonFlow Limited
Pure Poison
R&R Creations For SL
SIGMA Jewels
Silk Dreams Fashions
Thalia’s Fashion Collection
Total Betty
::WetCat:: Builds&Poses
Temple of Artemis at Ephesus:
Leri Miles Designs
Bliss Couture
Boho Baku~
Crystal Line
DEW Fashion
Fantavatar & Moonstruck
Kouse’s Sanctum
Mohna Lisa Couture
Muse Poses
Paisley Daisy
Virtual Impressions
Hanging Gardens of Babylon:
Tres Beau
1 Hundred.
Bliensen + MaiTai
Chic Zafari
!dM deviousMind
G Field
House Of Dragovar
mE Jewelry
Miss Darcy
Resun Fashion
SF Design
Wild Serenity
Great Pyramid of Giza:
Chop Zuey
Delirium Style
Designs by Sebastian
Hawker's House
INNUENDO Italian Style
Iron Tiger Jewelry
Just Pale
Madrid Solo Cosmetics
[[ Masoom ]]
Modish:: skins boutique
Sunny’s Fashion
Vengeful Threads
Lighthouse of Alexandria:
Carrie’s Lingerie
House of London
Jewelry By Jake
Pixel Passion
Sascha’s Designs
shine by [ZD]
White Widow
Xen’s Hats
Mausoleum at Halicarnassus:
AD Creations
Diva Store
Dulce Secrets
e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories
Indrya Designs
Just Darling
Milky House
PeKaS Design
Pin Me Down
Vintage Jewels
Statue of Zeus at Olympia:
Sonatta Morales
Body Canvas
Body Doubles
Casa CheerNo
Drama Queen
Dura Hair
Glam Affiar
**=_MEA CULPA_=**
Nya’S Shop
Orage Creations
Silken Moon
~ Tableau Vivant~
Vero Modero
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