After being a little away from sl i feel refreshed and when i came back i felt i had to renew my avatar and changed my skin. This will be my new look till i get bored of it hope you like!
Today I'm wearing beautiful mesh gown Iolanda from Azul a long mermaid cut dress richly textured with lace. With a big shoulder piece of fur makes it look glamours.
Finesmith's Fall in Love Earrings designed exclusively for fall in love event. it looks amazing with silver leaves.
Finially I used h.m.a.e.m hat which is created for Christmas Market.
Have a great week and be glamours!

Style Credits:
Hair: Magika - stubborn
Dress: Azul - Iolanda
Earrings: Finesmith - Fall in Love
Hat: H.m.a.e.m. - Incongruo (Chrtismas Market)