There are some works which really inspires me in SL. This plastic kimono by S H I is one of them. It wont be exaggerated if I say 'This is the most artistic design that I've ever worn in SL!'  This plastic kimono designed very detailed the texture is amazing.. and it is very futuristic. In the name of futurism we used to see cyber themed clothes in SL.But this plastic kimono is totally unique in SL!

I've complated the outfit with Kungler's Deorum silver bracelets and ring, red gold and copper is also avaliable at the store. 

I really enjoyed this outfit hope you like too!

Styling Credits:
Hair: Lelutka - Rain
Kimono: .S h i : P l a s t i k
Top: Ricielli - Iris Black
 Bottom: Ricielli - Joanne - Red
Shoes: MStyle- Didi Pumps
Bracelets and Ring: Kunglers Extra - Deorum 
LipStick: RedGrave - Cherry

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Kae at: 23 January 2012 at 14:41 said...

Yeah futuristic is the first word that come to my lips when I saw you. Transparent plastic outfits give me the impression of retro futurism. Movies like Blade Runner with the killing of the first replicant who can forgot her running with a transparent jacket and how she ended? Also Tron have inspired some transparent outfits :)

Tron 1
Tron 2

Beyaz Kalem at: 23 January 2012 at 14:49 said...

Yeah right! never thought about them!