Herlijk Cu

Herlijk Cu was the finalist on 'Face of October Studios', the modeling and styling contest organised by October Studios. The first time I've seen her on stage I'm amazed by the elegance of her purified style.  So I've offered her a couple of shots for my blog. Styling theme of last month was 'Inspirations of Ancient Greece Clothing' (In these times there was not such a concept as 'fashion' so better to call it as 'clothing'). 
When I was talking to finalists on styling I've shown them 3 types of Greek clothing and some details like wavy hair, laurel leaves, purified skin and some significant differences between Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman clothing. But the most important point  for me on styling was:  the theme shouldn't be coppied, but with some significant points they had to refer Ancient Greek with contemporary clothes. 
The dress of Herlijk was reminding Ionic Chitons, with a himation. Sea Flora and seashells on her belly part were attributing Aegean Culture. Her hair braids was iconic on female clothing of Ancient Greece but today still not demode. The jewelry that she use is not ancient greek style even not close to any ancient culture. It is too ornated and detailed for ancient cultures and for dress but the jewelry itself is really pretty.  
I talked too much right? Ok.. here comes Herlijk! Oh before she comes, if you are intrested being Face of October Studios of next month visit the studio, here the  Limo. 

Skin: EAB: Asia Skin
Hair: Emo-tions: Dina
Dress: Nicky Ree: Lovely Ria Gown (cream)
Jewelry: Donna Flora: Laura Set
Make up: [[Mozz]]:  Glittery Smokey Eye (gold) 
LipStick: Boom: Boom Lipwax - Taupe

Eyelashes: Noya: VAMP eyelashes

Music of the post:

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Bachelorette's Wonderland

I've been lazy last days.
So I come up with lots of thing.  As you see we are 3 now and dressing 3 of us was too much work for my lazy being so I've undressed all! Enjoy the lingerie by Hollee...

Interior Credits:
Chair: Aslum Craft Love Chair, LISP
Bath: Facts, Grunge Bath
Raven: LISP
Deer Skull: Deer Skull Tabletop LISP
Peacock Feather Wall Accesorrie: Beatrice Peacock Print  LISP

Wolfie (Wolfgal SparrowhawkStyling Credits (on left) :
Hair: Elikatira, Wish
Skin: Glam Affair, Eva- MedTan
Head Piece: LaGyo - Peomies Headband
Lingerie: Lingerie by Hollee, Blossom II set - Black
Shoes: YS&YS Stiletto Ibiza Roses in TDR 
Makeup: Oceane's Body BoutiqueGlamorous Complete Makeup Brick
Pose: The Muse ... coming soon

Nickle (Nickle Sparrowtree) Styling Credits (on the middle):
Hair: LOQ, Hot Chocolate - Dark Blonde
Skin: ...
Lingerie:Lingerie by Hollee, Danica - Purpple Rain
Jewelery: Princess ChristinaAmethyst jewelry set 
Pose: The Muse.. Coming soon

Muse (Audrey Cresci) Styling Credits (on right):
Hair: Magika, Jess
Skin:  Glam Affair, Monica-Natural
Lingerie: Lingerie by Hollee, Olivia - Turquoise
Shoes: House of Fox, Kills
Scarf: Cheerno, Lorry Scarf
Pose: The Muse.. Coming soon
Raven: LISP

Sound of Muse:
Björk is one of my greatest inspiration...
Anyone that wonders the meaning of icelandic lyrics on the end part can ask me:)

...for Kae,
Björk Bachelorette, 1997
Directed by Michel Gondry

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Rabbit Heart

- Today, we have a special guest, Nickle, she is an award winner model. I won't tell about her all carreer but if you are intrested you can find an article about her on October Magazine..Here is the Limo.
I've sellected, some pieces for her from TDR blue, her milk Motion Bag, Emery skirt and Loq hair released this week in TDR. And her Glam Affair Skin, is in TDR as well. 
That golds and pinks are not her prefered style, but I loved her in that way. She looks good in anything. 
Do you hate me Nickle?.... Nickle?... Are you there?.. Nicky??

Skin: Glam Affair, Nina Skin in TDR
Hair: LOQ, Iced Coffee in TDR Blue
Top: AOHARU, Front Knot Shirt
Skirt: Emery, Pleated Victoria in TDR Blue
Bag: Milk Motion, My satchel in TDR Blue
Shoes: Le Poppycock,  Au pique-nique
Sunglasses: Handverk, Lemon Lime Wave Swimsuit's part.
Bangles: Grumble, Wood Gold

Some Music..

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Free Day

I've been busy so I had no time for a post.
But I have lots of new dresses to show.
Lately I'm wearing that freebie dress as casual wear and really love it!!
To celebrate  5000 members of Modavia Fashion Marketing , The Secret Store is offering a free new version of Froufrou dress which will only be available  in Modavia II sim.

Dress: Secret Store Frou Frou Dress Group Gift
Shoes: J's 2Way Short Boots
Rings: Shade Throne Daph Ring Group Gift (399L Group Fee)
Skin: Glam Affair Monica Skin Natural
Make-up: KOSH Metalic Eyeshadows
Hair: Elikatira Just Red 05
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Have you met Wolfie?

Hello all, Muse talking.
This weekend modeling student Wolfie (Wolfgal Sparrowhawk) is our guest.
I'm in love with the skinny jeans of Emery for her choose blue ones but gold, citrus and terracota colours must seen.

Skin: Glam Affair - Eva Skin
Make-up: Ocens Island - Glam make-up brown (bought time ago we can't find the url..)
Hair: [Elikatira] - Me
Jeans: Emery - Skinny Jeans
Blazer: Mon Tissu - Rockaby Blazer 
Tank: fri.day - Layering Tank: Striped V
Shoes: Le poppycock - Raisin Dust
Pose: The Muse ... coming soon

and some music..

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