Herlijk Cu

Herlijk Cu was the finalist on 'Face of October Studios', the modeling and styling contest organised by October Studios. The first time I've seen her on stage I'm amazed by the elegance of her purified style.  So I've offered her a couple of shots for my blog. Styling theme of last month was 'Inspirations of Ancient Greece Clothing' (In these times there was not such a concept as 'fashion' so better to call it as 'clothing'). 
When I was talking to finalists on styling I've shown them 3 types of Greek clothing and some details like wavy hair, laurel leaves, purified skin and some significant differences between Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman clothing. But the most important point  for me on styling was:  the theme shouldn't be coppied, but with some significant points they had to refer Ancient Greek with contemporary clothes. 
The dress of Herlijk was reminding Ionic Chitons, with a himation. Sea Flora and seashells on her belly part were attributing Aegean Culture. Her hair braids was iconic on female clothing of Ancient Greece but today still not demode. The jewelry that she use is not ancient greek style even not close to any ancient culture. It is too ornated and detailed for ancient cultures and for dress but the jewelry itself is really pretty.  
I talked too much right? Ok.. here comes Herlijk! Oh before she comes, if you are intrested being Face of October Studios of next month visit the studio, here the  Limo. 

Skin: EAB: Asia Skin
Hair: Emo-tions: Dina
Dress: Nicky Ree: Lovely Ria Gown (cream)
Jewelry: Donna Flora: Laura Set
Make up: [[Mozz]]:  Glittery Smokey Eye (gold) 
LipStick: Boom: Boom Lipwax - Taupe

Eyelashes: Noya: VAMP eyelashes

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Five Latte (SLfashionQueen) at: 16 July 2011 at 02:08 said...

Love your photos very much! i have added this blof to my blog roll...glad i came across it ;-))

Five Latte