Pink Cat Blue Cat

When I'll reach to my 70's, I'll be pink haired, single 7 cats' mom. I'll be a woman who never has worn leaopard textured clothes and accessories. I'll be smoking pipe with cherry tobacco. I'll have a painting of blue cat on my wall with a speech bubble which says ' Demonize your sofa. It will lend forth more peanuts between the cushions.'. 
Erm... ah yes today I have a nice pants to show! Those lovely pants are from Elan. ..and body suit that I'm wearig is from Mons it was old TDR goodie, maybe now on the shop.. maybe not... what ever check the shop. 

I'm such a lazy... even didn't go out of my house to take a couple of photos..

Styling Credits:

Pants: Elan - Curious Pants
Body Suit: Mons - Acna BodySuit
Belt: Ricielli - Queen Belt
Earing: Glow Studio - Ear cuff (TDR Blue)
Bangle: Osakki - Hamured (Modavia Gift)
Shoes: Pull (coming Soon)
Hair: Elikatira (Collabor 88)
Poses: The Muse Poses

Sound of the Day:


Nickle at: 16 October 2011 at 02:36 said...

awesome styling Muse , you do have your own flavor, always comes across so well. loved it.

Audrey at: 16 October 2011 at 13:42 said...

I'm glad you like it Nickle. Thank you very much